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THE PIONEER WOMAN WU-1602H All in a Morning's Work
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THE PIONEER WOMAN WU-1602H All in a Morning's Work



on 24 Oct 2017
Year of Creation
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on 24 Oct 2017

Copyright Summary

The U.S. Copyright record (Registration Number: PA0002071659) dated 24 Oct 2017, pertains to an electronic file (eService) titled "THE PIONEER WOMAN WU-1602H All in a Morning's Work" created in 2017. The copyright holder is Television Food Network, G.P, known for their creative contributions in motion picture registration. For any inquiries concerning this copyrighted material, kindly reach out to Television Food Network, G.P.

Copyright Details

Application Details

Registration Number
Registration Date
Year of Creation
Agency Marc Code
Record Status
Corporate Author
Television Food Network, G.P
Physical Description
Videodisc (DVD)
First Publication Nation
United States
Preexisting Material
preexisting music


Material Matter Claimed Note: all other cinematographic material, additional new footage, new narration, revisions/additions to script


Application Title Statement: THE PIONEER WOMAN: All in a Morning's Work (WU-1602H)
Author Statement: Television Food Network, G.P employer for hire Domicile: United States Citizenship: United States Authorship: Audio-visual work in the nature of an episode of a television series
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